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Slavie in the Community: the Greater Edgewood Education Foundation

The Greater Edgewood Education Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit entity formed to develop community partnerships in support of educational excellence in the Greater Edgewood area schools. The organization's mission is to establish a partnership with diverse members of the community by building further community partnerships to raise public awareness, pride and support for the quality of education in the Greater Edgewood area schools and to enhance educational opportunities for its students.

Mr. Philip E. Logan, Slavie's President and CEO, is a founding member of this organization and presently serves as Vice-President of its Board of Directors. He actively helps the Foundation meets its goals of enhancing academic excellence in the area schools by providing resources not available through public sources, by better informing the community of the strengths and innovative programs within the area schools, by building public awareness and confidence, by encouraging his peers to get involved in the students' success in a positive and supportive manner and by obtaining financial as well as non-financial resources on behalf of the foundation's programs. Slavie Federal Savings Bank participates in four (4) of the foundation's programs:

The school based mini grants -- finding innovative ways to address the needs of the 'at risk' learners in raising their achievement levels;

The book donation for 'at risk' learners to address the needs of socioeconomic and culturally disadvantaged students;

The teacher incentive program to support the recruitment and retention of highly qualified teachers and provide cultural and socioeconomic diversity and urban education training;


The youth leadership scholarships empowering students with the skills needed to make positive choices, gain self-confidence and learn lifelong developmental skills.
The Greater Edgewood Education Foundation, Inc., serves 5,679 students of the Abingdon, Deerfield, Edgewood, William Paca and Old Post Road Elementary Schools, Edgewood Middle School and Edgewood High School. The Foundation serves a high-need economically challenged student population with 19% living at or below the poverty line. There is a 38% student participation in the free meals or reduced cost for meals program.

Slavie Federal Savings Bank's Branch Managers are members of Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA). They have served on an Assessment Committee for the National Parent Teacher Association, participating in a national program to measure a Parent Involvement Schools of Excellence Certification and the School's Accreditation Program. They assessed parent involvement practices and made recommendations for improvements where needed to earn a Certification of Excellence for outstanding parent involvement in the school or a Recognition of Commitment for schools working towards the certification distinction.

The Greater Edgewood Education Foundation, Inc., in partnership with Edgewood Middle School, held its first annual Career Day in May, 2006. Slavie Federal Savings Bank's Vice-Presidents, Gary Barnoff and Thomas Esposito, participated in this event as speakers, demonstrating the types of career opportunities available in the banking industry. There were approximately one hundred student participants.